Have you tried different techniques in an effort to fix things but nothing seems to be working?

Are you having trouble with any of the common problems listed below?

Sex is painful and causing relationship distress.

Pornography or out of control sexual behaviours are destroying your relationship.

You have difficulties with orgasm & pleasure

You avoid any kind of  touch or connection that might lead to sex

One of you wants sex more than the other and it is causing tension and conflict.

You or your partner has had an affair and you are finding it hard to recover & connect.

Menopause has impacted your libido and sexual enjoyment.

You have problems with erections and premature or delayed ejaculation.

Illness has affected your sexual relationship

Past sexual trauma has made it difficult for you to enjoy sex.

You feel shame and distress because of long term STI's.

You are gender diverse and need help with transition, dysphoria and confidence

You are questioning your sexual orientation 

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Left unresolved or ignored sexual problems usually get worse, become more awkward to talk about and  can cause a lot of heartache.

I am able to help you tackle the core issues making your miserable.

We will work in a “down to earth” way that makes talking about sex comfortable and easy, no matter what the issue or how personal your questions might be.

When it comes to sexual intimacy, the solution is not just about technique! Sex is far more than what we do, how we do it and whom we choose to do it with.

To have a satisfying sex life it is key to:

- Be able to talk to each other about your sexual needs comfortably.

- Deal with any other areas of your relationship may be contributing to the problem (health, resentment, tiredness, conflict, stress, life stage, illness)

- Feel comfortable and secure in expressing your sexuality.

- Have a solid connection and strong partnership.

- Have realistic expectations and a healthy understanding of sexual intimacy.

- Have a good sense of humour !

- Be equipped with skills to manage your particular sexual difficulties

When physiological problems need to be addressed I work collaboratively with other specialist health professionals such as women’s physiotherapists, gynaecologists and physicians to ensure you get the best possible support and treatment.


For more information about what happens in a sex therapy session please visit the FAQ about sex therapy page.


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