Hi, I am Karen Triggs, I help people create satisfying, pleasurable sex lives; build more connected loving relationships, recover from sexual trauma and explore their sexuality. 

 I am an experienced psychotherapist and sex therapist with recognized qualifications in art psychotherapy, psychology, trauma  and sexology. My personal experience also gives me a deeper understanding of what it is like to live with a sex , relationship problem or recover from trauma and my uniquely creative approach helps me to find the best possible solutions for my clients.


Ongoing frustration, loneliness and tension are all symptoms of relationship in trouble. The secret to a loving and healthy relationship lies in having a connection that is alive and strong even when there is conflict. Achieving this is easier said than done! Relationship counselling can help you understand what to do to feel good about your relationship again.


Sex can be an intimate way of connecting, expressing love, having fun and enjoying pleasure but not always! Libido differences, painful sex, difficulties with arousal and orgasm often derail our sex lives.

Left unresolved or ignored sexual problems become worse causing misery and loneliness. I can help you renew sexual pleasure and intimacy in your relationships.

While we all react in different ways to experiences of trauma it is very common to feel a sense of loss, shame and sadness. Trauma often affects our relationships and enjoyment of life. Research has shown that recovery is possible with the support of a caring therapist who has experience in helping survivors rediscover the goodness in themselves, their lives and relationships.



 Art therapy can help you see things about yourself that you may not have realized; express emotions and feelings that are hard to put into words and can also help reduce pain, anxiety and post traumatic stress. I have completed training in trauma focussed sensorimotor  art therapy . 

Supervision, Workshops and Groups

I offer online and face to face clinical supervision for art therapists and counsellors. I am a registered member of the College of Supervisors of the Australian Counselling Association and Vice President of NSW branch of the Society of Australian Sexologists. I have  also facilitated experiential art therapy workshops for practitioners interested in integrating art therapy into their work with clients and I have designed and facilitated a number of successful group programmes for NGO’s and high schools and am invited regularly to speak at women's events.